Parent Coaching


We have a generation of parents who want to do better than their parents did, but aren't sure how to do differently.  They are often left grasping for anything that might work, which leaves them feeling panicked, fearful, exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed and hopeless.  This creates inconsistency in the home and confusion for the children, which looks like bad behavior.    


To get families started in creating a home environment where parents and children feel heard, valued and loved using tried and true methods that build better parent-child relationships, attainable goals/results, greater awareness, and skill building. The intention is to create clear communication with family members and help parents define, explain and keep boundaries without losing their minds. 


Parents are asking for help in these areas, but even more so, because these are simple skills to teach that make an enormous impact on family communication, which impacts how children behave, feel, love, and form relationships of their own.

Parents want to do better than their parents did, but don't know how to do different. This small group course will create a supportive community to  help parents parent differently, gently, and reduce stress while increasing connections and harmony in your home. 

So, are you ready to start building a harmonious home? 

Let me show you how.

Kristin works with families in two different ways: 1:1 private coaching & small group (The Village) 

In both cases, Kristin caters to individual family needs. 

During coaching with Kristin, you’ll be empowered to:

  • Have peaceful conversations in your home

  • Set boundaries that are clear and stable

  • Parent without threatening and yelling

  • Emotional consistency

  • Identify emotional distress and how to handle it.

  • Have the skills to teach all of this to your children

“Our most important responsibility as parents is regulating our own emotions, which is essential for our children to learn to manage themselves.” -Dr. Laura Markham