About Kristin Schmoke

My name is Kristin Schmoke and I spent years thinking I knew everything when it came to parenting. As my eldest child grew, I started to lose my confidence in my parenting skills.  It felt like everything I had ever read or been told didn’t apply to my child.  I spent lots of time thinking that my child was the problem.  Every interaction was an argument.  No matter what approach I took, it always ended in frustration, anger, threats, eye rolling and discouragement.  Any and all tools I tried did not work.  It became disruptive to our whole family.  It created stress between my husband and me...READ MORE

"We liberate children not by making them work for our love, but by letting them rest in it."  -Dr. Gordon Neufeld

My Commitment

I will work hard for you and your family to achieve your family goals.  You will be held in a space of support and non-judgement. 

My Mission

To help parents truly see and understand their child while forming strong connections. 

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