Helping Families Create

Harmony in their Home

“You do what you can with what you know.  Then when you know better, you do better.”- Maya Angelou

Kristin Schmoke: Parent Coach

Do you parent differently than you want?

Do you struggle to get your children to listen?

Do you experience inconvenient meltdowns?

Do you feel like everyone else has it figured out, why can’t you?

Are your children always arguing?

Boundaries, what are those?

You don’t like the person you’ve become in your parenting.

If you could just get your kids to listen, everything would be fine!

Why won’t anyone help me out around this house?

You’re in the right place if:

- You desire calm conversations with your children.

 - You desire home to be a place of peace, not stress.

 - You desire strong life-long relationships with your children.

I help overwhelmed parents become the role model they desire while consciously and mindfully creating harmony in their home. 

Start becoming the parent you’ve always wanted to be today!

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"The Total Family Communication Makeover Series (renamed The Village) couldn't have come at a better time. Our family was feeling so strained and divided by communication breakdown and behavior challenges. Kristin helped us to feel in control even when emotions were super high."

Meghan // Parent

I really appreciated talking with Kristin. She made me comfortable and didn't make me feel like a bad parent for my struggles! She got to the heart of what I was feeling and made practical suggestions that I'm already implementing.

Tara M. // Parent

Kristin helped us to go from yelling and
frustrated parents to calmer and happier
parents. We don't yell near as much
anymore. We learned so many techniques
from her course that we can use them
EVERY DAY! We are understanding our
kids better every day thanks to her course.
You won't find any judgement here, just
lots of support! Thank you SO much!!

Chris & Megan // Parents

I experienced some great results with Kristin's help. She really helped me realize that I need to approach each of them [my kids] differently, and they each learn and take direction differently. I was able to better understand what my boys were thinking when they were doing certain things. I would definitely encourage you to to reach out (to Kristin) because it has really taken a lot of stress off my plate and my husband's plate. And it's really helped us get through a lot of those hard parenting times. You know, it's your family you're investing in. 

Allison M. // Parent

During the COVID pandemic, my son (4 years old at the time) was home without any regular school curriculum. We looked for ways to continue his schooling and socialization through remote options, and Kristen graciously shared her time and expertise with us. While we were initially mostly concerned with kindergarten readiness (from an academic perspective), when my son began to meet with Kristin, we noticed his temperament lightened as well. Kristin not only worked on fundamental academic routines, but gave my son some mindfulness tactics that helped him to cope with the lack of socialization during this time. The time my son spent with Kristin was meaningful beyond words, and my family will be forever grateful for her time and generosity. 

Elisa // Parent

Ms. Kristin was my daughter’s highlight of spring 2021. Doing distance-learning proved to be difficult for T who really desired more one on one time. She was immediately excited to be able to spend extra time with someone who not only was going to help her achieve her New Year’s resolution of being able to read, but also someone who made her giggle and created a personal relationship with her. We looked forward to our time with Kristin and she was very thorough and communicative throughout the semester. I saw great improvement in T’s reading and spelling and never regret the time/money we invested in making sure she stayed caught up during Covid. I would recommend anyone who needs some extra help to reach out to Kristin!

Nicole // Parents